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Uto'Pians | Artisti internazionali per una causa comune

Annasara Lundgren

Annasara Lundgren is a Swedish singer, pianist and classically trained violinist. She writes dreamy singer songwriter kind of music with a great deal of influences from the classical impressionistic music. The arrangements are acoustic with strings played by herself, aiming to sound like chamber music; dynamic and flowing. She's released three full length albums and a few collaboration in various styles of music.

Annasara Lundgren.jpg

Bon Coeur

French pianist and composer Bon Coeur (Dorothée Troubat) captures the emotions, images and poetry of the moment with her piano compositions. Her sensory synesthetic perception of the senses, including the association of colours and shapes with musical notes or harmonies, fuels her creativity when composing, drawing inspiration from all forms of artistic expression, including film, literature and painting. 

Bon Coeur_edited.jpg

Élodie Sablier

Influenced by artists such as H. Rani, N. Frahms or M. Nyman, her styles evolve like so many ramifications around a common trunk: her training as a classical pianist, acquired at the Lyon and Paris Conservatories. She won several prizes in piano and chamber music. Élodie composes as she breathes, instinctively, before searching for the right techniques to share intimacy and authenticity in her recordings and on stage.

Élodie Sablier_edited.jpg

George Denis

George Denis Ardelean is a composer and multi-instrumentalist born in Romania. His compositions include solo albums and original scores composed for short films, feature films, fashion shows, and collaboration with artistist and singers bringining to life orchestral and cinematic songs. His aesthetic exploration ranges from impressionist piano miniatures and minimalism to contemporary, ambient, neo-classical and experimental.

George Denis_edited.jpg

Kezia Tomsett

Kezia is a film composer, producer and vocalist. Kezia creates sweeping soundscapes, combining the acoustic and electro-acoustic (a hybrid of orchestral electronica) with her own voice in rich ethereal textures and thematic melodies. With piano as her principal instrument, ‘Footsteps Overhead’ takes Kezia back to her roots in a wandering, searching and evolving piece of yearning piano music.

Kezia Tomsett_edited.jpg

Monika Deja

Monika Deja is a pianist and composer. Intrigued by the mysterious nature of the reverberating piano sound. A poetic soul born from the rays of the setting sun. Eternal melancholic with a sense of humor. Captivated by jazz, dream pop and punk new wave music. 



Monika Deja.jpeg

Simon Leoza

Following the success of his three EPs released under the moniker Tambour, which received rave reviews internationally, neoclassical composer Simon Leoza released his first full-length album, Albatross, in 2021. Known for his mesmerizing music videos and having accumulated over 9 million online streams, the artist has also received multiple awards for his concerts, videos and compositions.

Simon Leoza bw (Crédit Marie-Pier Meilleur)_edited.jpg

Wilson Trouvé

French musician and composer Wilson Trouvé lives in Brussels, Belgium. He has released many albums, EPs and singles for the past decade, worked with various indie labels, publishers, licensing companies and music supervisors. He has scored ads for Nike, Ford, Apple, Delta Airlines...



Ben Crosland

Born in 1968, Ben Crosland began playing piano at an early age, inspired by his father - himself an accomplished amateur pianist. As well as sustaining a successful career as a piano teacher, Ben is also well known in both the synthesiser community as a sound-designer, and in the piano-teaching community as a composer. He lives in Worcester, England with his wife and two daughters.

Ben Crosland.jpg

Charlotte Reinhardt

Charlotte Reinhardt, from the family of Django, is pianist, composer and producer, living between France and Spain. She has been swaying between classical and jazz music ever since early childhood. After a solo classical career and accompanist in a wide variety of styles, she released an album of songs. Charlotte is now refocusing on a research of musical purity, around the piano, mixing her classical piano music bases with modern sounds.

Charlotte Reinhardt.JPG


Born in the mists, where the outlines are never defined. The only hill, far away, is the moon. The breath of the river that becomes and shapes, that drags sounds, perhaps that was the first approach to music. Then it was a crescendo of white and black vortices. Travel and Faces, Piano and Forte. In constant listening and research, it sees no boundaries.


Josh Kramer

Josh Kramer is a neoclassical composer, currently featured on a variety of editorial playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, and Amazon Music. His music has been heard in tv shows around the world, film and commercials for the likes of Chevy, Burberry, BMW and more. His plans for 2023 include collaborating with new artists and releasing new music monthly. 

Josh Kramer_edited.jpg

Marika Takeuchi

Marika Takeuchi is a composer and pianist originally from Japan and currently based in Los Angeles. She has released 7 albums and EPs of her modern classical compositions, as well as scoring music for films, commercials, video games, and numerous music libraries and compilation albums internationally.

Marika Takeuchi_edited.jpg

Raphael Eligoulachvili

After classical studies at the École Normale de Musique de Paris, Raphael Eligoulachvili followed film music classes. He completed his training by studying electronic music at the CCRMA, Stanford University’s musical research center. His research in the field of music for images has always allowed encounters and interactions with the world of other artists. In 2020 he composed the music of Samir Guesmi’s movie “Ibrahim”.

Raphael Eligoulachvili_edited.jpg

Tim Linghaus

Tim Linghaus was born in the GDR in the early 1980s and discovered an RX 11 and guitars in his father’s office when he was a young boy. It was his first encounter with instruments and the idea of making music. Today, it's piano music he loves the most. He has released several records, e.g. Yurusu, Memory Sketches and Provenance.

Tim Linghaus_edited.jpg

Jordane Tumarinson

He started studying piano at 19 years reproducing the music by ear. Being an autodidact he developed a personal consideration of the music, for him the piano is a laboratory that stimulates his curiosity as an explorer. Jordane Tumarinson is the founder of the international project "Uto'Pians / Piano Collection".

Jordane Tumarinson.jpeg


Uto'Pians vol.4

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